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 Print Spooler for the Childcare Voucher System

This component was Designed, written and implemented by Roy Dorsey

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At one time, Software systems would sent output to print immediately once a Report Job finished executing. The problem is that this system would produce thousands of lines of output, and if the printer would jam, the user may have to rerun the Report and depending on the report. It may take a hour plus to rerun the print job. Also the user couldn't view the report online before printing. Another problem is that some processes would create multiple reports and the user needed to control which report to print.



 Create a “Print Spooler” component for the Voucher System.


Select the Page Range to Print

 I originally worked for an Insurance Company as a Computer Operator. One of my jobs was to print insurance policies. We used the giant IBM impact printers.


We would print New polices, Renewals and Cancellations. These print jobs created thousands of lines of print and we use a program by IBM that saved the output from the report jobs so that we could print these policies at a later time from a queue. We call it the Print Spooler.


The Spooler allow us to select which print job to run and restart print jobs at a certain page if we encountered problems during the print job.


To help my clients manage their printing, I decided to create a Print Spooler Component for the Childcare Voucher System.




Online view of Report (blurring is intentional)

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